Forensic Simulation

Forensic animation is the use of 3D visual simulation within a legal context to visualize a key event in an accident or mishap. The two predominant types of forensic animation include descriptive animation, which is an illustration of an expert’s testimony, and scientific forensic animation, which takes the environment and physics heavily into account. These models are often used to exemplify dynamic events that can’t be accurately depicted any other way. The final product is both unique and useful, and provides a different angle for examining the situation.

AtLink has a team of engineers and graphic artists that specialize in 3D animation and simulation production. Our team utilizes advanced technologies to create affordable and comprehensive animations. AtLink’s simulations systematically reconstruct pertinent information.

AtLink engineers have simulated both industrial accidents and crime scenes to aid in legal matters. These animations often aid in hastening productive settlements.

The video below is a forensic animation of a chemical plant accident, which resulted in one of the largest chemical plant settlements in the state of Texas.

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