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AtLink Communications

AtLink engineers and designers are experts in providing software development services that add value to your business. Contact us today and transform your ideas into solutions!

Why choose Atlink?

Firm Overview

Founded in Houston in 2005, AtLink Communications is a highly respected business partner that reliably builds and deploys core business software solutions. Over the last 15 years we have developed and deployed business-critical applications in the transportation, aerospace, civil engineering, financial, medical, legal, government, and energy sectors.

why choose atlink

What We Do

AtLink offers our customers an abundance of technical and business proficiency. Our ability and experience translate to added value and peace of mind for our clients. We are experts in efficiently applying software technologies that run today’s world such as web applications, cloud infrastructure, and mobile platforms. Our core values are exceptional quality, effective communication, and honest pricing.

Superior Custom Software Solutions

By choosing custom software development services from AtLink, your applications will benefit from being extremely flexible, scalable, and secure.

AtLink Success

AtLink has developed numerous Software Products for the Medical, Finance, Aerospace, and Entertainment Industries. We have over 15 years of experience helping customers achieve their goals through our software services based on a deep understanding of their unique operations, demands, and needs.

Advanced Software

We have thorough experience with the newer technologies that are propelling the world forward, including 3D Visualization, Simulation, Process Automation, and Analytics.

Business Analysis

We will thoroughly examine your project's process, business logic, and software plan to efficiently find the best technological solution for you.

Quality Assurance

We administer strict, thorough and proper QA checks on all our projects to provide quality resolutions from the requirements to the final delivery.

Product Evolution

We help transform our customers businesses with skillful consulting and software development services, making them more competitive in the digital world.

AtLink’s Development Process

Our development teams combine seasoned software engineers and architects with specialized practitioners in UX, 3D, and IOT to reliably produce high quality, high-functioning, and visually appealing systems. We conscientiously follow an Agile based Software Development Life Cycle Process that we have refined and improved over the years that allows our projects to more naturally proceed smoothly to completion.


Building a better business with superior software

Our Solutions

At AtLink Communications, our engineers are passionate about solving complex problems quickly and effectively. We strive on helping our customers grow their businesses, and providing the highest-quality customer experience.

Custom Software Solutions

We design and build Great Software Systems. They’re Flexible, Scalable & Secure – They’re constructed to Exactly meet your Business and Operational goals.

Dedicated Development Teams

We provide complete software project teams - Software & QA Engineers with Project Management. Our teams are 100% dedicated for work on your project.

Mobile Software Development

Our mobile apps are Beautiful, Multi-Media and run on all Platforms. Created by our expert UI/UX and Native IOS and Android App engineers.

Software Product Development

We have designed and built numerous Software Products for the Medical, Finance, Aerospace, and Entertainment Industries. Our Management team has been in the SW Product Business since the 90’s.

Software Modernization

We have been quite adept at modernizing Legacy applications and Systems to current development and architecture technologies. We’ve modernized products in the Medical, Aerospace and Financial arena.

Who we serve

At AtLink Communications, we want to improve your business in more ways than ever before. You can make modifications as you grow and progress within the industry, scaling to support developing teams, different distribution channels, and changing audience preferences.



AtLink Provides Custom Solutions to the Financial Industry.



AtLink has delivered Medical Device software for Class II devices in Thermo Diagnostics, Neurostimulation, and Oxygen Therapy.


Government & Traffic Management

AtLink has provided Texas-based agencies and cities, such as the City of Houston with 3D Traffic Management Simulations and interactive Public Portals.



AtLink has fielded Aviation Systems that perform US Air Traffic Control for drones and enforce Federal Airways & Airspace (FA&A) regulations on structures near private and government airways.

networking Entertainment

AtLink developed MyCut App, the most accessible platform for content creators to receive monetary compensation for their efforts, solving the financial dilemma experienced by many content creators and influencers.



AtLink has been at the cutting edge of the building and deploying "Digital Oilfield Solutions." These products enable operational efficiencies leading to competitive advantages.

What Our Clients Are Saying
About Us

When choosing a partner for your company's technical needs, you want the best. AtLink works very closely with our clients to provide high quality and flexible solutions. We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients and proud of the value we've delivered to them. We take the extra steps required to provide the best results. What better proof than seeing what our customers have to say about us!